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Goliat Field

The Goliat oil field is located in the Barents Sea, 85 km north of Hammerfest, Norway. The field’s licenses are owned by Eni Norge (operator) with 65% and Statoil with 35%. Oil production is expected to start in 2013 and will continue for 10–15 years. Being the first major development in the Arctic, Goliat faces many challenges such as complex geology with multi-direction faults, adverse sea conditions, presence of sea ice and fragile ecosystem environments.

The Goliat subsea production system is very complex, including 8 manifolds, 24 subsea trees, and subsea control systems. Its subsea transportation system includes a flowline, risers and umbilicals. Bredero Shaw has provided most of the anti-corrosion and flow assurance coatings required by Goliat’s complex production and transportation system.